201 W. Kenyon Rd
Champaign, Illinois       61820-7807
Permit Number:
ESTABLISHMENT:  Wedge Tequila Bar & Grill ADDRESS:  415 N Neil ST
1. * 5 IN Source: Sound Condition. No spoilage
2. 1 OUT Original container; properly labeled
Food Protection
3. * 5 OUT Potentially hazardous food meets temperature requirements during storage, preparation, display, service, and transport.
4. * 4 IN Facilities to maintain product temperature
5. 1 IN Thermometers provided and conspicuous
6. 2 IN Potentially hazardous food properly thawed
7. * 4 IN Unwrapped and potentially hazardous food not re-served. Cross-Contamination
8. 2 OUT Food protection during storage, preparation, display, service, and transportation.
9. 2 IN Handling food (ice) minimized, methods
10. 1 IN Food (ice) dispensing utensils properly stored
11. * 5 IN Personnel with infections restricted
12. * 5 OUT Hands washed and clean, good hygienic practices
13. 1 IN Clean clothes, hair restraints
Food Equipment/Utensils
14. 2 IN Food (ice) contact surfaces: designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located
15. 1 OUT Non-food contact surfaces: designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located
16. 2 OUT Dishwashing facilities: designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located
17. 1 IN Accurate thermometers, chemical test kits provided, gauge cock
18. 1 IN Pre-flushed, scraped, soaked
19. 2 IN Wash, rinse water: clean, proper temperature
20. * 4 OUT Sanitation rinse: clean, temperature, concentration
21. 1 IN Wiping cloths: clean, use restricted
22. 2 IN Food contact surface of equipment and utensils clean, free of abrasives and detergents
23. 1 OUT Non-food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils clean
24. 1 OUT Storage, handling of clean equipment-utensils
25. 1 OUT Single-service articles, storage, dispensing
26. 2 IN No re-use of single-service articles
27. * 5 IN Water source; safe: hot and cold under pressure
28. * 4 IN Sewage & waste water disposal
29. 1 IN Installed, maintained
30. * 5 OUT Cross-connection, backsiphonage, backflow
Toilet & Handwashing Facilities
31. * 4 OUT Number, convenient, accessible, designed, installed
32. 2 IN Toilet rooms enclosed, self-closing doors, fixtures, good repair, clean: hand cleanser, sanitary towels/hand drying devices provided, proper waste receptacles, tissues
Garbage & Refuse Disposal
33. 2 IN Containers/receptacles covered, adequate number, insect/rodent proof, frequency, clean
34. 1 IN Outside storage area, enclosures properly constructed, clean; controlled incineration
Insect, Rodent, Animal Control
35. * 4 OUT Presence of insects/rodents outer openings protected, no birds, turtles or other animals
Floors, Walls, & Ceilings
36. 1 IN Floors: constructed, drained, clean, good repair, covering, installation, dustless cleaning methods
37. 1 OUT Walls, ceiling, attached equipment: constructed, good repair, clean surfaces, dustless cleaning methods
38. 1 OUT Lighting provided as required, fixtures shielded
39. 1 IN Rooms and equipment - vented
Dressing Rooms
40. 1 IN Rooms clean, lockers provided, facilities clean
Other Operations
41. * 5 IN Toxic items properly stored, labeled and used
42. 1 IN Premises maintained, free of litter, unnecessary articles cleaning/maintenance equipment properly stored, authorized personnel
43. 1 IN Complete separation from living/sleeping quarter, laundry
44. 1 IN Clean, soiled linen properly stored
45. * 0 IN Certified personnel as required
46. 0 IN Administrative Rules
SCORE: 62 CRITICAL X 5% = 35.00 REPEATS X 2% = 6.00 ADJ. SCORE: 21.00
IN = In Compliance OUT = Out of Compliance NA = Not Applicable NO = Not Observed
Critical Violations:
Item Status Rule # Rule Observed
3.* COS 750.210a Except as specified under subsections (b),(c),(d), and (e), potentially hazardous foods that have been cooked and then refrigerated shall be reheated rapidly to at least 165°F. or higher for 15 seconds throughout before being served or before being placed in a hot food storage facility. Steam tables, bain-maries, warmers, and similar hot holding facilities are prohibited for the rapid reheating of potentially hazardous foods. Black beans were stored in a steam table at 78F degrees. COS: Employee stated that the black beans were taken out of the walk in cooler one hour prior to inspection. Black beans were rapidly reheated to 165F degrees.
12.* COS 750.512 Food employees shall clean their hands and exposed portions of their arms immediately before engaging in food preparation, including working with exposed food, clean equipment and utensils, and unwrapped single-service articles, and: a)After touching bare human body parts other than clean hands and clean exposed portion of arms; b)After using the toilet room; C)After caring for or handling service animals; d)After coughing, sneezing, using a handkerchief or disposable tissue, using tobacco, eating, drinking; e)After handling soiled equipment or utensils; f)During food preparation, as often as necessary to remove soil and contamination and to prevent cross-contamination when changing tasks; g)When switching between working with raw food and working with ready-to-eat food; h)Before donning gloves for working with food; and i)After engaging in other activities that contaminate the hands. 1. Employees were observed changing gloves in between tasks without washing hands. 2. One employee was observed with a wiping cloth stored in his back pocket for hand wiping purposes. This was used to replace hand washing procedures. COS: Discussed observations with manager. Educated staff on when to wash hands.
12.* COS 750.530e Employees shall maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness and shall conform to good hygienic practices during all working periods in the food service establishment. An employee beverage was found stored next to customer food on the steam table. COS: Employee moved the employee drink to a non food prep area.
20.* COS 750.830g4. Machines (Single-tank, stationary-rack, door-type machines and spray-type glass washers) using chemicals for sanitization may be used provided that:. 4. Utensils and equipment shall be exposed to the final chemical sanitizing rinse in accordance with manufacturer's specifications for time and concentration. Dish machine was dispensing 0 ppm chlorine on dishes that were being washed during time of inspection. COS: Employee primed the dish machine until chlorine was properly dispensing at 80ppm.
30.* 750.1100a. The only exception shall be when such fixtures are located adjacent to a floor drain, the waste may be directly connected on the sewer side of the floor drain trap provided the fixture waste is trapped and vented as required by the Illinois Plumbing Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 890) and the floor drain is located within four feet horizontally of the fixture and in the same room. 1. The air gap for the prep sink was not present. 2. Plumbing provided in the basement had an air gap that was completely covered in aluminum foil. MVCF Issued.
31.* COS 750.1120b. Lavatories shall be accessible to employees at all times. Hand sink located behind the bar was blocked with a gallon of bleach stored directly in the sink basin, a moist rag, and a clean cane filled with miniature alcoholic beverages. COS: discussed the importance of hand washing facilities being accessible. Employee removed the items to under the hand sink.
35.* 750.1170 Openings to the outside shall be effectively protected against the entrance of rodents and shall be protected against the entrance of insects by tight fitting self-closing doors, closed windows, screening, controlled air currents or other means. The dry storage room door that leads to the outside patio (directly behind the cook line) was completely opened and did not protect against outside insects or rodents.
Non-critical Violations:
Item Status Rule # Rule Observed
2. R 750.110k. Consumer Advisory. If a food service establishment offers any raw or under-cooked animal food, such as meat, poultry, eggs or seafood (including shellfish), in ready-to-eat form or offers any ready-to-eat food containing animal food and advise consumers of the increased health risk of eating such foods in raw or under-cooked form, especially for certain populations. 1) If entrees or menu items containing such raw or under-cooked animal food (e.g., steak tartare or Caesar salad containing raw unpasteurized eggs) are routinely offered, such consumer advisory shall clearly identify the food item that contains the raw or under-cooked animal food. 2) If a food service establishment does not routinely offer entrees or menu items containing raw or under-cooked animal food, but will serve under-cooked meat, eggs or seafood upon the request of a consumer/patron, a general consumer advisory shall be provided. This advisory does not need to identify the food item that a consumer might request in an under-cooked condition. 3) The required consumer advisory may be in the form of a brochure, deli case or menu advisory, label statement, table tent, placard or other written notification that is visible to patrons. The advisory shall include the following: "The Illinois Department of Public Health advises that eating raw or under-cooked meat, poultry, eggs or seafood poses a health risk to everyone, but especially to the elderly, young children under age 4, pregnant women, and other highly susceptible individuals with compromised immune systems. Thorough cooking of such animal foods reduces the risk of illness." 4) If space permits, any consumer advisory may include additional language such as the following: "For further information, contact your physician or public health department." No consumer advisory was present for undercooked eggs, steaks to order, and ceviche.(R1)
8. R 750.120a. At all times, including while being stored, prepared, displayed, served or transported, food other than whole, unprocessed raw fruits and unprocessed raw vegetables shall be protected from potential contamination, including dust, insects, rodents, unclean equipment and utensils, unnecessary handling, coughs and sneezes, flooding, drainage, and overhead leakage or overhead drippage from condensation. Raw chicken was stored over raw beef in the upright reach-in cooler to the right of the make tables. (R1)
8. 750.130b. Containers of food shall be stored a minimum of 6 inches above the floor in a manner that protects the food from splash and other contamination, and that permits easy cleaning of the storage area, except that: Boxes of single service as well as cases of soda were stored directly on the floor.
15. 750.600 Multi-use equipment and utensils shall be made and repaired with safe, non-toxic materials, including finishing materials, shall be corrosion resistant, non-absorbent, smooth, easily cleanable, and durable under conditions of normal use. 1. Wire shelving was rusted throughout the facility. 2. The bottom shelves underneath the prep tables were rusted.
16. 750.820a. For manual washing, rinsing and sanitizing utensils and equipment, a sink with no fewer than three compartments shall be provided and used. The 3-compartment sink behind the bar had gloves stored in drains for each compartment to allow water to fill for wash, rinse and sanitizing purposes.
16. 750.830a. Such machines and devices shall be properly installed and maintained in good repair. The dish machine had excessive amounts of food debris in the drain filter causing it to smell.
23. 750.800e. Non-food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be cleaned as often as is necessary to keep the equipment free of accumulation of dust, dirt, food particles, and other debris. The holster used to hold the bar hose had slime mold with build up water inside.
24. 750.850 Cleaned and sanitized equipment and utensils shall be handled in a way that protects them from contamination. Spoons, knives and forks shall be touched only by their handles. Cups, glasses, bowls, plates and similar items shall be handled without contact with inside surfaces or with surfaces that contact the user s mouth. Several soiled food containers and utensils were stored with clean equipment/utensils.
25. 750.880b. Single-service articles shall be handled and dispensed in a manner which prevents contamination of surfaces which may come in contact with food or with the mouth of the user. Coffee filters were stored on a shelf (behind the steam table) unprotected or not inverted.
37. 750.1210e. Light fixtures, vent covers, wall-mounted fans, decorative materials and similar equipment attached to walls and ceilings shall be easily cleanable and shall be maintained in good repair. The hand sink in the dish room area was not sealed/attached to the wall.
37. R 750.1210a. Walls and ceilings, including doors, windows, and similar enclosures shall be maintained in good repair. The basement ceiling and walls around product storage was not finished; unapproved. (R6)
38. 750.1230a. Permanently fixed artificial light sources shall be installed to provide at least 20 foot-candles of light on all food preparation surfaces and at equipment or utensil-washing work areas. Lighting in the walk-in cooler was not sufficient for visibility or cleaning purposes.
Inspector Comments: Your score indicates a re inspection will be required. The R6 repeat violations must be corrected within 10 days. If you have any further questions, please call 217-531-2920.

INSPECTION CONDUCTED BY:   Kiara Booker,   Sarah Michaels