201 W. Kenyon Rd
Champaign, Illinois       61820-7807
Permit Number:
1. * 5 IN Source: Sound Condition. No spoilage
2. 1 IN Original container; properly labeled
Food Protection
3. * 5 OUT Potentially hazardous food meets temperature requirements during storage, preparation, display, service, and transport.
4. * 4 IN Facilities to maintain product temperature
5. 1 IN Thermometers provided and conspicuous
6. 2 IN Potentially hazardous food properly thawed
7. * 4 IN Unwrapped and potentially hazardous food not re-served. Cross-Contamination
8. 2 OUT Food protection during storage, preparation, display, service, and transportation.
9. 2 IN Handling food (ice) minimized, methods
10. 1 OUT Food (ice) dispensing utensils properly stored
11. * 5 IN Personnel with infections restricted
12. * 5 IN Hands washed and clean, good hygienic practices
13. 1 IN Clean clothes, hair restraints
Food Equipment/Utensils
14. 2 OUT Food (ice) contact surfaces: designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located
15. 1 IN Non-food contact surfaces: designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located
16. 2 IN Dishwashing facilities: designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located
17. 1 IN Accurate thermometers, chemical test kits provided, gauge cock
18. 1 OUT Pre-flushed, scraped, soaked
19. 2 IN Wash, rinse water: clean, proper temperature
20. * 4 OUT Sanitation rinse: clean, temperature, concentration
21. 1 IN Wiping cloths: clean, use restricted
22. 2 OUT Food contact surface of equipment and utensils clean, free of abrasives and detergents
23. 1 OUT Non-food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils clean
24. 1 OUT Storage, handling of clean equipment-utensils
25. 1 OUT Single-service articles, storage, dispensing
26. 2 OUT No re-use of single-service articles
27. * 5 IN Water source; safe: hot and cold under pressure
28. * 4 IN Sewage & waste water disposal
29. 1 OUT Installed, maintained
30. * 5 IN Cross-connection, backsiphonage, backflow
Toilet & Handwashing Facilities
31. * 4 OUT Number, convenient, accessible, designed, installed
32. 2 OUT Toilet rooms enclosed, self-closing doors, fixtures, good repair, clean: hand cleanser, sanitary towels/hand drying devices provided, proper waste receptacles, tissues
Garbage & Refuse Disposal
33. 2 IN Containers/receptacles covered, adequate number, insect/rodent proof, frequency, clean
34. 1 IN Outside storage area, enclosures properly constructed, clean; controlled incineration
Insect, Rodent, Animal Control
35. * 4 OUT Presence of insects/rodents outer openings protected, no birds, turtles or other animals
Floors, Walls, & Ceilings
36. 1 OUT Floors: constructed, drained, clean, good repair, covering, installation, dustless cleaning methods
37. 1 OUT Walls, ceiling, attached equipment: constructed, good repair, clean surfaces, dustless cleaning methods
38. 1 OUT Lighting provided as required, fixtures shielded
39. 1 IN Rooms and equipment - vented
Dressing Rooms
40. 1 IN Rooms clean, lockers provided, facilities clean
Other Operations
41. * 5 OUT Toxic items properly stored, labeled and used
42. 1 IN Premises maintained, free of litter, unnecessary articles cleaning/maintenance equipment properly stored, authorized personnel
43. 1 NA Complete separation from living/sleeping quarter, laundry
44. 1 IN Clean, soiled linen properly stored
45. * 0 OUT Certified personnel as required
46. 0 IN Administrative Rules
SCORE: 59 CRITICAL X 5% = 30.00 REPEATS X 2% = 22.00 ADJ. SCORE: 7.00
IN = In Compliance OUT = Out of Compliance NA = Not Applicable NO = Not Observed
Critical Violations:
Item Status Rule # Rule Observed
3.* COS 750.120a2(cold). The temperature of potentially hazardous foods shall be 41°F or below, or 135°F or above, at all times, except as otherwise provided in this Part. 1. Sliced avocado was sitting on top of the left make table cooler at 46F. Employee had taken out before inspector arrival. COS: Placed in small make table reach-in cooler. 2. A squeeze bottle of "baking mayo" was sitting out on the counter at 63F (room temperature). Employee identified it was from the day prior. COS: Discarded. 3. The following food items were in the cook's line right "sushi" make table cooler (top and reach-in): crab at 44F, salmon at 44F, tuna at 45F, crab salad at 44-48F, beef at 44F, and chicken at 45F. Sushi make table condemned for use. COS: Discarded.
20.* COS 750.820e2. The food-contact surfaces of all equipment and utensils shall be sanitized by:. 2. Immersion for at least one minute in a clean solution containing at least 50 parts per million of available chlorine as a hypochlorite and having a temperature of at least 75 F.; or Dish machine was not sanitizing. Inspector identified the sanitizer supply jug was empty. Facility did not have any more. Dish machine condemned for use. COS: Facility educated on 3-compartment sink setup and use with a chlorine sanitizer at 50-100ppm.
31.* COS, R 750.1120b. Lavatories shall be accessible to employees at all times. Hand sinks in the bar (R1) and the kitchen were blocked. A strainer was stored in the kitchen hand sink basin, and a sanitizer wiping cloth container was stored in the bar hand sink basin. COS: Educated. Items removed.
35.* COS, R 750.1170 Openings to the outside shall be effectively protected against the entrance of rodents and shall be protected against the entrance of insects by tight fitting self-closing doors, closed windows, screening, controlled air currents or other means. Back door was not fully self-closing; self-closer detached. (R1) COS: Manager attached the self-closer and the door closed on its own.
41.* COS, R 750.1310b. Materials in each of these two categories shall be stored and located to be physically separated from each other, shall be stored in cabinets or in similar physically separated compartments or facilities used for no other purpose; and, to preclude potential contamination, shall not be stored above or intermingled with food, food equipment, utensils, or single-service articles except that this latter requirement does not prohibit the convenient availability of detergents or sanitizers at dishwashing stations. A chemical spray bottle was stored intermingled with food items on a shelf in dry food storage room. (R1) COS: Educated. Chemicals removed.
45.* R 750.540a1 Category I facilities. Category I facilities as defined in Section 750.10 shall have a certified food service sanitation manager on the premises at all times that potentially hazardous food is being handled, except as specified in subsections (a)(1)(A) and (B) of this Section. A certified food service sanitation manager is not required on the premises during hours of operation when all food products sold have been prepared and packaged commercially or prepared under the supervision of a certified food service sanitation manager. A certified food protection manager was not present in the facility during inspection. (R1) MVCF issued.
Non-critical Violations:
Item Status Rule # Rule Observed
8. COS, R 750.120a. At all times, including while being stored, prepared, displayed, served or transported, food other than whole, unprocessed raw fruits and unprocessed raw vegetables shall be protected from potential contamination, including dust, insects, rodents, unclean equipment and utensils, unnecessary handling, coughs and sneezes, flooding, drainage, and overhead leakage or overhead drippage from condensation. Raw meats were stored over vegetables and ready-to-eat food items in cook line sushi make table reach-in cooler, and in walk-in cooler. (R1) COS: Raw meats moved to bottom shelves.
10. R 750.280 a-d Between uses during service, dispensing and incidental utensils shall be: a) Stored in the food with the dispensing utensil handle extended out of the food; or b) Stored clean and dry; or c) Stored in running potable water dipper wells; or d) In the case of dispensing utensils and malt collars used in serving frozen desserts, stored either in a running potable water dipper well, or clean and dry. Dispensing scoops in bulk containers of sugar and tempura batter did not have handles. (R1)
14. 750.600 Multi-use equipment and utensils shall be made and repaired with safe, non-toxic materials, including finishing materials, shall be corrosion resistant, non-absorbent, smooth, easily cleanable, and durable under conditions of normal use. 1. A household "Tfal" brand fryer was in the facility. 2. The "Ninja" brand blender cup was cracked and repaired with blue painters tape. 3. Red vegetable strainer was cracked.
18. 750.830f. Equipment and utensils shall be flushed or scraped and, when necessary, soaked to remove gross food particles and soil prior to their being cleaned in a dishwashing machine unless a pre-wash cycle is a part of the dishwashing machine operation. There was label residue on the exterior of plastic food storage containers and squeeze bottles.
22. 750.800b.2. To prevent cross-contamination, kitchenware and food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be washed, rinsed, and sanitized after each use and following any interruption of operations during which time contamination may have occurred. 1. Ice deflector shield in the ice machine was soiled. 2. Cook's line toaster oven was heavily soiled.
22. R 750.800c. Where equipment and utensils are used for the preparation of potentially hazardous foods on a continuous or production-line basis, utensils and the food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be washed, rinsed and sanitized at intervals throughout the day on a schedule subject to the approval of the regulatory authority. This schedule shall be based on food temperature, type of food, and amount of food particle accumulation. Interior of kitchen microwave was soiled. (R1)
23. R 750.800e. Non-food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be cleaned as often as is necessary to keep the equipment free of accumulation of dust, dirt, food particles, and other debris. 1. Walk-in cooler shelving was soiled. (R3) 2. Walk-in cooler door seal was soiled. (R2) 3. Door gaskets were soiled in cook line coolers. (R1) 4. Shelves in kitchen and dry food storage room were soiled. (R1) 5. Catch trays were heavily soiled below "Radiance" brand cooking ranges. (R1)
23. 750.800e. Non-food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be cleaned as often as is necessary to keep the equipment free of accumulation of dust, dirt, food particles, and other debris. 1. Legs of bar equipment were soiled 2. The 2-compartment prep sink in the kitchen, and the 3-compartment sink in the dish room were both soiled. 3. Cook's line equipment were soiled (especially the fryers). 4. The following were soiled: exterior of the cook's line toaster oven, door handles on make table coolers, and walk-in cooler door handle. 5. Interior bottom shelves were soiled in the keg coolers in the bar and in the upright 2-door freezer in the old hibachi room. 6. Interiors and exteriors of unused equipment in the old sushi bar were soiled.
24. 750.850 Cleaned and sanitized equipment and utensils shall be handled in a way that protects them from contamination. Spoons, knives and forks shall be touched only by their handles. Cups, glasses, bowls, plates and similar items shall be handled without contact with inside surfaces or with surfaces that contact the user s mouth. Tongs were soiled and stored over the handles of the ovens.
24. R 750.860a. Cleaned and sanitized utensils and equipment shall be stored at least six inches above the floor in a clean, dry location in a way that protects them from contamination by splash, dust and other means. Equipment was stored on shelves not elevated 6 inches above the floor in dish room. (R1)
25. 750.880b. Single-service articles shall be handled and dispensed in a manner which prevents contamination of surfaces which may come in contact with food or with the mouth of the user. To-go containers were stored unprotected/uninverted on the cook's line.
26. 750.600 Re-use of single-service articles is prohibited. Single service styrofoam and plastic containers were re-used as dispensing scoops. COS: Discarded.
29. 750.1060 All plumbing shall be sized, installed, and maintained in accordance with applicable provisions of the Illinois State Plumbing Code. Local ordinances may be followed when standards are equal to or exceed those contained in the aforementioned Code. 1. Men's restroom hand sink was slow draining. 2. Sprayer hose was extending below the flood rim of the sink right of the dish machine (backflow protection in line). 3. Base of the faucet was leaking at the bar hand sink.
32. COS 750.1120e(soap). A supply of hand-cleansing soap or detergent shall be available at each lavatory. There was no soap at the wait station hand sink. COS: Added.
32. COS 750.1120e(drying). A supply of sanitary towels or a hand-drying device providing heated air shall be conveniently located near each lavatory. There were no paper towels at the wait station hand sink or the bar hand sink. COS: Added.
32. COS, R 750.1120e(drying). A supply of sanitary towels or a hand-drying device providing heated air shall be conveniently located near each lavatory. There were no paper towels available at dish area hand sink (R3) and kitchen hand sink (R2). COS: Added.
36. R 750.1220a. Floors, mats, duckboard, walls, ceilings, and attached equipment and decorative material shall be kept clean. Floors were soiled below equipment and along walls throughout the facility. (R1)
37. 750.1220a. Floors, mats, duckboard, walls, ceilings, and attached equipment and decorative material shall be kept clean. Walls were soiled right of the fryers and left of the cook's line oven ranges.
37. 750.1210e. Light fixtures, vent covers, wall-mounted fans, decorative materials and similar equipment attached to walls and ceilings shall be easily cleanable and shall be maintained in good repair. 1. Vent hood panels were soiled. 2. Mop sink caulking was molded.
38. 750.1230a. Permanently fixed artificial light sources shall be installed to provide at least 20 foot-candles of light on all food preparation surfaces and at equipment or utensil-washing work areas. 1. Two of the four lights under the vent hood were not functioning. 2. Sufficient lighting was not provided in the dry storage room next to the cook's line.
Inspector Comments: The adjusted score indicates compliance below a satisfactory level. A “Re-Inspection Required” Inspection Notice shall be posted at the location determined by the health officer and shall remain posted until a satisfactory re-inspection is completed. A request form with written instructions for requesting a re-inspection has been issued to the person-in-charge.

Enroll in the certified food protection manager course within 5 days and return proof of enrollment to the health department within 10 days.

Have the sushi make table cooler serviced and supply the dish machine with sanitizer. Contact me to verify correction of the make table and the dish machine prior to use.

Note: Facility has ceased use of the sushi bar in the front of the restaurant since the previous inspection. The menu also has been modified and majority of the cooked food items have been removed.