201 W. Kenyon Rd
Champaign, Illinois       61820-7807
Permit Number:
ESTABLISHMENT:  Lao Sze Chuan Chinese Restaurant & Bar ADDRESS:  608 E University AVE
1. * 5 IN Source: Sound Condition. No spoilage
2. 1 OUT Original container; properly labeled
Food Protection
3. * 5 OUT Potentially hazardous food meets temperature requirements during storage, preparation, display, service, and transport.
4. * 4 IN Facilities to maintain product temperature
5. 1 IN Thermometers provided and conspicuous
6. 2 OUT Potentially hazardous food properly thawed
7. * 4 IN Unwrapped and potentially hazardous food not re-served. Cross-Contamination
8. 2 OUT Food protection during storage, preparation, display, service, and transportation.
9. 2 IN Handling food (ice) minimized, methods
10. 1 OUT Food (ice) dispensing utensils properly stored
11. * 5 IN Personnel with infections restricted
12. * 5 OUT Hands washed and clean, good hygienic practices
13. 1 IN Clean clothes, hair restraints
Food Equipment/Utensils
14. 2 IN Food (ice) contact surfaces: designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located
15. 1 IN Non-food contact surfaces: designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located
16. 2 IN Dishwashing facilities: designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located
17. 1 IN Accurate thermometers, chemical test kits provided, gauge cock
18. 1 IN Pre-flushed, scraped, soaked
19. 2 IN Wash, rinse water: clean, proper temperature
20. * 4 IN Sanitation rinse: clean, temperature, concentration
21. 1 OUT Wiping cloths: clean, use restricted
22. 2 IN Food contact surface of equipment and utensils clean, free of abrasives and detergents
23. 1 IN Non-food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils clean
24. 1 OUT Storage, handling of clean equipment-utensils
25. 1 OUT Single-service articles, storage, dispensing
26. 2 IN No re-use of single-service articles
27. * 5 IN Water source; safe: hot and cold under pressure
28. * 4 IN Sewage & waste water disposal
29. 1 OUT Installed, maintained
30. * 5 IN Cross-connection, backsiphonage, backflow
Toilet & Handwashing Facilities
31. * 4 OUT Number, convenient, accessible, designed, installed
32. 2 OUT Toilet rooms enclosed, self-closing doors, fixtures, good repair, clean: hand cleanser, sanitary towels/hand drying devices provided, proper waste receptacles, tissues
Garbage & Refuse Disposal
33. 2 IN Containers/receptacles covered, adequate number, insect/rodent proof, frequency, clean
34. 1 IN Outside storage area, enclosures properly constructed, clean; controlled incineration
Insect, Rodent, Animal Control
35. * 4 IN Presence of insects/rodents outer openings protected, no birds, turtles or other animals
Floors, Walls, & Ceilings
36. 1 OUT Floors: constructed, drained, clean, good repair, covering, installation, dustless cleaning methods
37. 1 OUT Walls, ceiling, attached equipment: constructed, good repair, clean surfaces, dustless cleaning methods
38. 1 IN Lighting provided as required, fixtures shielded
39. 1 IN Rooms and equipment - vented
Dressing Rooms
40. 1 IN Rooms clean, lockers provided, facilities clean
Other Operations
41. * 5 OUT Toxic items properly stored, labeled and used
42. 1 IN Premises maintained, free of litter, unnecessary articles cleaning/maintenance equipment properly stored, authorized personnel
43. 1 IN Complete separation from living/sleeping quarter, laundry
44. 1 OUT Clean, soiled linen properly stored
45. * 0 OUT Certified personnel as required
46. 0 IN Administrative Rules
SCORE: 66 CRITICAL X 5% = 35.00 REPEATS X 2% = 0.00 ADJ. SCORE: 31.00
IN = In Compliance OUT = Out of Compliance NA = Not Applicable NO = Not Observed
Critical Violations:
Item Status Rule # Rule Observed
3.* COS 750.120a2(cold). The temperature of potentially hazardous foods shall be 41°F or below, or 135°F or above, at all times, except as otherwise provided in this Part. The chicken in the make table cooler, in a bowl on top of the cold well containers, had the food at 44 to 47 degrees F. COS: The manager stated that the item had been in that location for 30 minutes, and it was placed immediately into the walk-in cooler.
3.* COS 750.120a2(hot). The temperature of potentially hazardous foods shall be 41°F or below, or 135°F or above, at all times, except as otherwise provided in this Part. The soups in the warmer were at 95 degrees F and 115 degrees F. COS: The manager stated that the items were not intended to be served this day, and should have been discarded. It was not clear why the warmer had been turned on earlier. The soups were discarded. (Note: There was also a bowl of soup on the shelf above the make table with the food at 110 degrees F. The manager explained that this was returned by a customer and was not intended to be served. The manager discarded the item.)
3.* COS 750.151b1-2 Commercially Processed Food (open and cold hold) Except as specified in subsections (d)-(f) of this Section, refrigerated, ready-to-eat potentially hazardous food prepared and packaged by a food processing plant shall be clearly marked, at the time the original container is opened in a food establishment and, if the food is held for more than 24 hours, to indicate the date or day by which the food shall be consumed on the premises, sold, or discarded, based on the temperature and time combination specified in subsection (a) of the this Section. 1)The day the original container is opened in the food establishment shall be counted as Day 1. 2)The day or date marked by the food establishment may not exceed a manufacturer's use-by date if the manufacturer determined the use-by date based on food safety. Pickled cabbage, Hoisin Sauce, and Oyster Sauce (marked on the packages "Refrigerate after Opening") were held at room temperature, 60 - 80 degrees F. COS: The manager verified that the items had been opened same day, one hour earlier, and the items were placed immediately into the walk-in cooler.
12.* COS 750.530a Employees may consume food only in designated dining areas. An employee dining area shall not be so designated if consuming food there may result in contamination of other food, equipment, utensils, or other items needing protection. There were two employee drinks, partly consumed, on top of the shelf above the make table. COS: The manager had the cook remove the drinks.
31.* COS 750.1120b. Lavatories shall be accessible to employees at all times. Hand sinks were blocked (by a garbage can at the back kitchen hand sink, by buckets of food and tubs of chili peppers near the cook line, and by a plate in the basin in the dish area). COS: The hand sinks were all made accessible.
41.* COS 750.820g. When chemicals are used for sanitizing, they shall not have concentrations higher than the maximum permitted under 21 CFR 178.1010, and a test kit or other device that accurately measures the parts per million concentration of the solution shall be provided and used. The chlorine sanitizer in the sanitizer bucket (in the prep area where the buns are made) was well over 200 ppm chlorine, with the chlorine bleaching the strip white. Investigation and testing revealed that the concentration was many times too strong. Bottles of "Sun Flame Gas Cartridge Fuel" were stored above food on the rack near the entry to the walk-in cooler. COS: The sanitizer was emptied and mixed again, properly, and was verified to be between 50 ppm and 100 ppm chlorine. The bottles of fuel were moved to a lower shelf.
45.* 750.540a1 Category I facilities. Category I facilities as defined in Section 750.10 shall have a certified food service sanitation manager on the premises at all times that potentially hazardous food is being handled, except as specified in subsections (a)(1)(A) and (B) of this Section. A certified food service sanitation manager is not required on the premises during hours of operation when all food products sold have been prepared and packaged commercially or prepared under the supervision of a certified food service sanitation manager. At the time of the inspection there were no Food Service Sanitation Managers present. MVCF issued.
Non-critical Violations:
Item Status Rule # Rule Observed
2. COS 750.140b1. Potentially hazardous food requiring refrigeration after preparation shall be labeled or tagged with the date and time of preparation and rapidly cooled to an internal temperature of 41°F or below. Several cooked and cooled items in the walk-in cooler (ribs, chicken pieces) were not labeled with the time for the purpose of tracking cooling. COS: Per the manager, proper cooling parameters with shallow pans were followed.
6. COS 750.240 Potentially hazardous foods shall be thawed: a) In refrigerated units in a way that the temperature of the food does not exceed 41°F, or b) Under potable running water at a temperature of 70°F or below, with sufficient water velocity to agitate and float off loose food particles into the overflow; or c) In a microwave oven only when the food will be immediately transferred to conventional cooking facilities as part of a continuous cooking process or when the entire, uninterrupted cooking process takes place in the microwave oven; or d) As part of the conventional cooking process. Multiple meats were left out to thaw at room temperature (beef, chicken, and pork). COS: The items were still below 41 degrees F, and the manager put them into the walk-in cooler or under cold running water.
8. 750.120a. At all times, including while being stored, prepared, displayed, served or transported, food other than whole, unprocessed raw fruits and unprocessed raw vegetables shall be protected from potential contamination, including dust, insects, rodents, unclean equipment and utensils, unnecessary handling, coughs and sneezes, flooding, drainage, and overhead leakage or overhead drippage from condensation. Eggs were stored above beef in the make table cooler. Eggs were stored above pork in the walk-in cooler. Raw beef was stored above cooked ribs in the walk-in cooler.
8. 750.130a. Food, whether raw or prepared, if removed from the container or package in which it was obtained shall be in a clean, covered container except during necessary periods of preparation or service. Whole and unprocessed fresh raw vegetables and fresh raw fruits shall be exempt from this subsection(a). A container of mushrooms in the walk-in freezer was open, not covered or protected.
8. 750.130b. Containers of food shall be stored a minimum of 6 inches above the floor in a manner that protects the food from splash and other contamination, and that permits easy cleaning of the storage area, except that: Cases of food were stored on the floor of the kitchen and walk-in cooler. Bags of rice were stored on the floor of the dry storage room.
10. COS 750.290 Ice-dispensing utensils shall be stored on a clean surface or in the ice with the dispensing utensil's handle extended out of the ice. The ice scoop was stored with the handle in the ice. COS: The handle was removed from the ice.
21. 750.810b. Moist cloths or sponges used for wiping food spills on kitchenware and food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be clean and rinsed frequently in one of the sanitizing solutions permitted in Section 750.820(e)and used for no other purpose. These cloths and sponges shall be stored in the sanitizing solution between uses. Moist wiping cloths (used and stained with blood) were left on the prep sink, not in sanitizer.
24. 750.850 Cleaned and sanitized equipment and utensils shall be handled in a way that protects them from contamination. Spoons, knives and forks shall be touched only by their handles. Cups, glasses, bowls, plates and similar items shall be handled without contact with inside surfaces or with surfaces that contact the user s mouth. The ice scoops were stored in 90 degree F stagnant water. Multiple knives were stored between prep tables, coolers, and walls, against surfaces that had been contaminated by food debris.
25. 750.880a. Single-service articles shall be stored at least six inches above the floor in closed cartons or containers which protect them from contamination and shall not be placed under exposed sewer lines or water lines, except for automatic fire protection sprinkler heads that may be required by law. A case of single service dinner napkins was stored on the floor of the storage closet near the bar.
29. 750.1060 All plumbing shall be sized, installed, and maintained in accordance with applicable provisions of the Illinois State Plumbing Code. Local ordinances may be followed when standards are equal to or exceed those contained in the aforementioned Code. The right side faucet at the dish area 3-comparment sink was leaking from the base.
32. COS 750.1120e(drying). A supply of sanitary towels or a hand-drying device providing heated air shall be conveniently located near each lavatory. There were no paper towels at the bar hand sink. COS: Paper towels were provided.
36. 750.1220a. Floors, mats, duckboard, walls, ceilings, and attached equipment and decorative material shall be kept clean. The floor was soiled under the "Avantco" refrigerator was soiled. The floor was soiled in the kitchen under the main island / make line.
37. 750.1210a. Walls and ceilings, including doors, windows, and similar enclosures shall be maintained in good repair. Ceiling tiles were open or missing above the walk-in cooler and in the dry storage room.
37. 750.1210e. Light fixtures, vent covers, wall-mounted fans, decorative materials and similar equipment attached to walls and ceilings shall be easily cleanable and shall be maintained in good repair. The ventilation hood filters were soiled above the cook line, nearest to the hand sink.
44. 750.1380b. Soiled clothes and linens shall be stored in non-absorbent containers or washable laundry bags until removed for laundering. Soiled linens were stored in a food strainer on the bag-in-box soda tower.
Inspector Comments: There was discussion about cleaning the meat slicer within 4 hours of use, not just at the end of the day.
This facility received a less than satisfactory routine inspection adjusted score of 35% or less. A re-inspection is required.
A yellow "Re-Inspection Required" placard shall be posted at your facility. The yellow "Request for Re-Inspection" paperwork was left with the manager.
Please call with any questions at 217-531-2937.

INSPECTION CONDUCTED BY:   Kiara Booker,   Raymond Mucha